Saturday, February 17, 2018

How to Lift Eyebrows like Malayalam Actress Priya Warrier | Photos

How to lift your eye brows like Malayalam actress Priya Warrier
After the new sensation Malayalam actress Priya Warrier on the social media and the internet the new trend is setting in among the young girls is lifting eye brows. The Malayalam movie Oru Adaar Love scee is become very popular after the actress Priya Warrier lifting eye brows to convey her love message became viral. The are many practicing at home the eye bow lifting technique but not all of them are success.

The latest reports of this new trend is revealing that, a certain search key word is hitting in internet that is none other than how to lift your eye brows. On the internet there are may tips and tricks to lift your eye brow;s as explained below.

                                      How to lift your eye brows

Simply Relax the eye brow area while placing the three middle fingers of each hand under each eyebrow. Allow the palms of your hands to rest flat against your face. Push your eyebrow slowly upwards and gently downwards while keeping your eyes open. Hold the position for few seconds and practice it often. 

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