Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Premam Movie - Is there any message for the society?

Nivin Pauly as George in Premam

Is George a good guy having a decent respectful personality?

We are talking about the central character of Malayalam movie Premam done by young super star Nivin Pauly. The movie running successfully in all the centers, People are watching this movie again and again, Social media is celebrating the style and romance between George and Malar (Malayalamactress Sai Pallavi) But there are few people still thinking about the moral side of the character. The questions they arise on this movie are the following.

George and Mary Malayalam actress Anupama Parameswaran1.       A group of students after Mary (Anupama Parameswaran) gathered in front her house, tuition center or where ever she goes. Even in eighties it’s hard to believe students go after girls this way. The scenes in ‘Kozhikada’ are unimaginable looks like there are no local people around.

2.       The collage scenes where George is having alcohol and attending the class showing his bad side of his personality. This scene may be thrilling for new generations and might follow their hero’s actions. But for sure no parents will support this. Children watching this scene thinking old school days are better. No parents must have experienced like this in their collage days the way George had.

Malar and George  Premam

3. When George is after Mary in the school days seeing her sister as his own. But towards the climax when George sees her (Madonna Sebastian) as a grown up beautiful girl he made up her mind to marry her. What will be the situation when Mary returns back from US. Will George go after Mary again? Because if he can marry a girl whom he considered as his sister this too can happen. Strange...

4.   Movie is having too many scenes of having alcohol and smoking cigarettes. In fact all the time we can see the statutory warning on the screen. Do you think this is a good way showing situation within youngsters.

Malar George Premam Collage scene
Malayalam Movie Premam can be considered as an entertainer if you don’t think too much about the other side of the presentation. People appreciate always the movies with good messages for society or for our children which will be cherished at all the time. 

May be we forget Malar and George after some time but why we still remember Clara and Jayakirishan from Thoovanathumbikal and Sofi and Solomon from Namukku Parkan Munthiri Thoppukal because these classics are straight from the heart, created by great Malayalam director Padmarajan

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