Saturday, March 14, 2015

How to boost the keyword

Nayanthara HotWrite a blog in your favorite niche and make money from Google adsense. Keyword is the word or phrase matches visitor search. If a visitor search for Kavya Madhavan photos and you have one article on this  actress your post will be matching and easily jumped to the top position in search engine. Similar case when a visitor type for Nayanthara pictures. 

How to use alt tag

When you are posting an actress picture whether it is fro Malayalam or Tamil movies use the alt tag by clicking the picture property. Alt tag can be the key word which will help to boost your posts in search engine.

How maintain top one position in search engine

Frequently posting will help you to maintain your position stable in the search engine by writing quality contents and shouldn't be key word stuffed.  At least one post should be published in a week and you can repeat the keyword on or two times. You can write more post about Malayalam film updates..
Kavya Madhavan Malayalam actress

Kavya Madhavan
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