Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mammootty's Fireman is an edge of the seat thrller

Nyla mammootty in Fireman reports
Initial reports of the latest Malayalam movie Fireman is showing good signs winning in the box office. The movie si directed by Deepu Karunakaran with mega star Mammootty in the lead along with Malayalam actress Nyla Usha.

The movie is telling the story of fireman’s who always dedicated to their service ensure the safety of public endangering their own life. Mammootty excels in her role while Nyla making a good effort as a police officer for the first time. Unni Mukundan and other actors gave wonderful support for this action packed thriller.

The movie is a fast paced thriller which is highly engaging with its crispy script and out standing cinematography. Fireman is the first movie in Indian cinema which tells the story of fireman’s life and the movie is dedicated for them. Firman is an edge of the seat action movie which has a strong message to convey also it is a ride through the fire.

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Malayalam actress Nyla Usha with Mammootty

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