Sunday, November 23, 2014

Malayalam actor Mohanlal's Vandanam and Chenkol climax Change

Malayalam movie ChenkolMohanlal in Vandanam
Mohanlal fans like to have different climaxes for two movies. There was a lot of discussion happened at the time of their release. Even if these movies were hits, the ending of these two film did not make the viewers happy. Read about those movies.


Vandanam released in 1989 with Mohanlal and Malayalam actress Girija in the lead role directed by Priyadarshan. The movie was brilliantly made with hilarious comedy by Mukesh, Jagadeesh and by the hero.

It was a romantic thriller genre. The movie ends with hero and heroine left without seeing as the hero couldn’t attend a call from his girl friend. The last minute climax made everyone upset and confused. The movie would have been a blockbuster if they could meet and finished with a happy note.


Chenkol is the sequel of Kireedam released in 1993. Both of these films are directed by Sibi Malayil. In the first movie Mohanlal goes to jail after killing Keerikadan Jose and film ends perfectly as the hero goes to Jail not fulfilling his to become a police officer.

But in Chenkol hero back from Jail and because of the circumstances he become a criminal and gets killed by son of Keerikadan. The film would have been a major hit if they changed the script to make the hero to come as a police officer to clear the from the criminals 
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