Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mammootty and Actress Asha Sharath In Malayalam movie Varsham

Mammootty Malayalam actress Asha Sharath in Varsham
Varsham breaking all the record in Malayalam film industry. Malayalam actress Asha Sharath and Mammootty are in the lead role and the movie directed by Ranjith Shankar. The movie has a simple story about normal family tells about the unexpected incidence which over come by Mammootty character venu.

There is enough emotion packed in the movie after the interval. Mammootty is acting as he is living as Venu and made the viewers leave the theater with glued eyes. The heart touching sentiment scenes become the highlight of Varsham. Mammootty is having this second powerful role this year. In Munnariyippu he was outstanding as an actor and received the first award for best actor from Asia Vision.

In theaters we can see now a days al lot of family and ladies to see Varsham which running in packed houses after third week of it release. Watch Varsham in theaters if you want to see a good Malayalam film with splendid performance by our proud Mammootty.

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