Saturday, August 23, 2014

Munnariyippu Review - A brilliant movie with Mammootty at his best

Munnariyippu reviewMammootty is back with an engaging thriller which makes you diluted in the movie and categorized as an edge of the seat fast phased investigative thrillerMalayalam movie titled Munnariyippu meaning deadline is nail biting movie and the performance by Mammootty is outstanding, reaching the highest level acting, haunts  us leave even after finish the film proving again as he is the finest actor now in India.
This movie is taking us back to the golden era of Malayalam movies with its perfect making and a gripping script letting us to enjoy the beautiful side of the cinema. Special mention to the script written by Unni R with its water tight, appealing flow and the words are strong and implausibly straightforward.
Malayalam actress photos - Aparna GopinathCK Raghavan is an ex prisoner who lives in jail even after he finishes his term. Anjali Arakkal, freelance journalist approach CK and the rest of the story of the film shows their struggle to reveal the legitimacy to the world.
Malayalam actress Aparna Gopinath as Anjali did an incredible independent performance that covers in the movie all the time. It is a milestone in Aparna’ career and unquestionably will take her in places. Other casting is perfect for this movie and deserves a round of applause.
This movie telling the story of intricacy of life with uniformity and depiction and succeed in the entire angle exactly and creatively with its exceptional narrative style. Munnariyippu is a gem in the Malayalam cinema which become a must watch thriller to feel this haunting experience towards the exceptional climax.
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