Monday, August 25, 2014

Malayalam actor Dulquar Salman photos

Roopesh Peethambaran script the movie of Dulquar Salman titled Malayalam film 'Theevram' and direct himself. Dulquar Salman already had two hits earlier that 'Usthad Hotel' and 'Second show'. Lal Jose film is taking care of the distribution.
Banglore days movieTheevram the third film of Dulquar released and getting mixed response. The movie released in 60 centers and this thriller movie is started in quiet promising way and later on its bit predictable. People who like thriller can enjoy the film. The making of the film could have been improved still the director handled the movie cautiously and can be better in coming movies.
Dulquar Salman is very stylish and handled his role in an remarkable way. The acting skills of Dulquar remind Mammootty in few scenes from the film like New Delhi as GK. The Film is an average one but received constructive response. Sreenivasan and Sikha, Riya are the new Malayalam actresses in this film. The latest movie of Dulqar is Banglore Days with Malayalam actress Nazriya Nazim.

Fahad and Nazriya photos

Dulquar with Malayalam actress nithya menon
 Dulquar Salman with Malayalam actress Nithya Menon
Malayalam actress sexy photos
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