Saturday, July 12, 2014

Jeethu Joseph Director Drishyam

Malayalam movie MemoriesJeethu Joseph DrishyamDirector Jeethu Joseph is a new director with few movies in his credit. The debut movie was Mummy and me. After this movie he directed three movies one after another became super hits. The movies are my boss with Dileep, Memories with Prithviraj and the latest is Drishyam. Now Jeethu is working with his next project of Dileep film. After that he will join with Kamalahasan for Tamil Drishyam remake.

Drishyam success proves in all languages that if a movie having good story line with power packed script the movie is on the way to success. The movie made all the writers to think for fresh subject for movies and it again shows that if there perfect movies definitely people go to theaters and watch it. They don’t go for watching TV shows stay at home. Mohanlal and Malayalam actress Meena was in the lead role in Drishyam
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