Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Shocking News of Jayan | death Video

Jayan's 37th death anniversary on 16th November 2017

Actor Jayan newsJayan is the evergreen hero of Malayalam not with us for the last 31 years. Jayan died at his peak of popularity in an accident scene in the set of Kolilakkam. Jayan was the only one actor never hesitate to do any action scene without the help of any dupe. Jayan still living in people mind as their favorite hero.

Jayan, original name krishnan nair a former sailor born in kollam district Thevalli. Completed 10th standard and joined the navy. Jayan started a small business Ernakulam and he was an inhabitant at the Kochi tourist home. From Ernakulam he met Rajan Mathew son of Jose Prakash which led to the movie Shapamokasham.

The biggest break for Jayan was the movie Sharapanjaram which directed by Hariharan. After few anti hero roles in Malayalam Jayan slowly moved to the super stardom following the releases of Manushya Mrugam,Avesham,Moorkhan,Nayattu.
Actor Jayan

Angadi directed by IV sasi broke all the records and was running for months in many centers. People still remember the role in Angadi as Babu in Kozhikode Market and never forget the English dialog. Jayan died in Sholavaram near Chennai during the shooting of the movie Kolilakkam.

Jayan while trying to climb the helicopter and its lost control and fell down with the helicopter and had major head injuries. On the way to hospital, the super star of Malayalam cinema closed his eyes for ever.
Actor Jayan House
                                             Jayan's House in Thevalli Kollam

Jayan’s house taken by Nani Memorial hospital in Thevalli and the place is known as Olayill Jayan Nagar. There is golden color statue placed in front of his house. Jayan memorial arts and sports club is functioning at thevally and trying to make a permanent club building. People at Thevally still love Jayan and remember his visit to the house. He wanted to make a bigger house at the time of his last months.

Mulakandakam is the cemetery where he was cremated. I visited the place but no one was able to locate the exact place where Jayan's body cremated, not even a single stone kept there. Even if none of them remember where his body cremated but our Jayan still living in many of our hearts.

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