Sunday, November 24, 2013

Salim Ahmed Mammootty Again

Malayalam actor Mammootty and director Salim Ahmed joining again after their recent film Kunjananthante Kada. The movie will discuss about a gulf malayali life which will be portrait by mammootty. The same team of last film will be joining for this movie as camera men Madhu Ambattu, sound recording Rasool Pookkutty and direction and script writing will be Salim Ahmed himself.

The last movie Kunjananthante Kada did not make much impact as it made the publicity. The story was about Kunjananthan who running running a grocery shop trying save the shop from demolishing due to a road work. The film felt as an incomplete one and did not last for a day after watching the movie. The performance of Mammootty and debut Malayalam actress Nyla usha, a radio jocky in Dubai were good. Let us hope the nest venture of Salim and Mammootty will go in places.
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