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Malayalam Actor Jayan has a son ? | Photos | News

Malayalam actor jayan movies

                    Jayan's 37th death anniversary on 16th November 2017

Hot Malayalam actress Unnimary

         Malayalam actor Jayan remembered on his 37th death anniversary. Jayan was the action hero who ruled Malayalam cinema before our super stars entering to Malayalam cinema. Jayan rose to the super stardom during 70 -80’s in which most of the movie released action based with Jayan as hero. Jayan did the highest number of film with Malayalam actress seema and their super hit movies were Angadi, Moorkhan, karimbana and Meen.

Sexy Seema with JayanOld Malayalam actress Seema

Jayan also done many movies with Prem Nazir under Kunchacko’ Udaya banner. Most of these movies were Vadakkan pattu movies in which Jayan was performing extra ordinary. Malayalam actress Unnimary was another heroine of Jayan in Malayalam cinema. Jayan had a dare devil acting skills. He used to fight with animals like Elephant, leopard and crocodiles.

On the evening of November 16th 1980 during the shooting of Malayalam movie Kolilakkam Jayan fell down from helicopter and died on the way to the hospital. There is statue raised at his home town town Thevally Kollam. Even after 37 years Jayan still remembered in many of the people in Kerala. A great salute to the great actor.

Recently am man named Murali claiming that he is is the son of late actor Jayan. Although he is confident the relatives are no yet confirmed this news and the allegations are going on. Mr Murali even announced that he is ready for a DNA test to prove himself that h is the son of Malayalam actor Jayan. As per Mr Murali he saw his father only once during the shooting of Malayalam movie Meen directed by IV Sasi at the age of two.
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